01 Sept 2021 | Short Film Reel: THE BODY IS A MYSTERIOUS LANDSCAPE

Leonor Noivo and her co-author Patricia Guerreiro verbalize the deal we agree to when watching films outright in the very first moments of REYNARD: One person (Patricia) will represent another person (Maria). The question where a person ends and a character begins splinters ambiguously into microcosms between world and self. One’s own body, this “solidary mass“ (Jean- Luc Nancy), is being mirrored in a gentle fiction, filtered through the camera of a filmmaker, enriched with biography, expanded as a metaphor and perceived as an imprint in the world: as a skin of plaster, as ephemeral waves on a water surface and a screen for the bursts of light from a projector. Intruding elements – air, light, food, words – constitute a permanent danger of contagion, of loss of self, of annihilation. The means of battle: counting, rituals, friendship, cinema.

Contamination is also a central motif in THE BITE. As an epidemic, it threatens the lie of a natural, binary order of the sexes and serves as a cipher for the rise of neo-fascist structures in Brazilian society. Originally developed as a documentary- fictional multi-channel installation, the film vibrates to the sounds of London based sound artist HAUT inside a future imbued with mosquitoes that does not lie only “ahead of us“. As if we were simply dreaming on the previous film, the warm colours of DEAD PRINCESS OF JACUÍ unfold in a rainforest region called “Central Depression”. As if he was fearing the invasion of genetically manipulated mosquitoes of THE BITE, archaeologist Moreira is wearing a white protective suit. Driven by panic attacks, he travels to the heart of his own darkness to face the demons of his past and rewrite history.

Wed 01 SeptPlagwitzer Markthalle
Raposa 40′ + The Bite 26′ + Dead Princess of Jacuí

regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€


PT 2019, D: Leonor Noivo, C: Patricia Guerreiro, 40’, Orig. with Eng. subs, DCP


PT/BR 2019, D: Pedro Neves Marques, C: Ana Flávia Cavalcanti, Alina Dorzbacher, Kelner Macedo, 26’, Orig. with Eng. subs, DCP


BR 2019, D: Marcela Ilha Bordin, C: Gabriel Palma, Maíra Flores, 15’, Orig. with Eng. subs, DCP