02 Sept 2021 | 第一類型危險 – DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS: 1ST KIND (HK 1980, Tsui Hark)

HK 1980, D: Tsui Hark, C: Lo Lieh, Lin Chen-Chi, Albert Au, 95’, German Version, 35mm

Hong Kong as a powder keg. A consumer society full of violence and corruption on stranglehold of Western colonialism. In addition, a discontented youth that strikes the match. Three students plant a home-made bomb in a cinema. Psychotically disposed Pearl observes them and blackmails the gang to conduct more anarchist actions. A youthful-naive cell develops. The gang stumbles upon the affairs of cold-blooded American Vietnam veterans – soon a triad is interested in them. The film is a rebellious early work of New Wave director Tsui Hark, who uses inescapable images with a frantic pace to stage a tabooed subject as a visual hell ride. A nihilistic shocker about a youth threatened to go to rack and ruin if their future is taken away from them.

Thu 02 SeptLuru Open-Air
10 pmregular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€
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