05 Sept 2021 | Le Roi Et L’Oiseau (FR 1979, Paul Grimault)

FR 1979, D: Paul Grimault, 81’, German version, 35mm, age: 6+

In his huge castle, a tyrant king is content with praising himself and particularly with making life hard for his animal subjects. But a talking bird with a magnificent plumage and a top hat does not want to endure all of this any longer. This is the basic constellation of the fairy tale adaptation after Hans Christian Andersen, an animated film from France bursting with fantasy. Long-since a children’s film classic there, it has yet to be discovered over here by young and old alike! That is rather astonishing, as it has quite a few parallels to the most beautiful films of Studio Ghibli.

Sun 05 SeptUT Connewitz
2 pm2€