09.09.2023 | Presentation by Jens Balzer about ETHICS OF APPROPRIATION

Multimedia Presentation | Jens Balzer


Popular culture steadily cherishes diverse societal as well as cultural influences, it is an ongoing process of variation and recombination. However, does the reproduction show a respectful interaction with its aesthetic models? Was the usage figured in an artistic or a commercial way? In the latter case: would a film production then have a bitter aftertaste of cultural appropriation? This happens when appreciation changes into exploitation to one’s own benefit without showing due respect to the creators of the original concept. Journalist and author Jens Balzer will present his book in a multi-media talk and illustrate his statements with music and film inserts. 

Sat 9. SeptUT Connewitz
8 PMTalk in German
€ 6,5 (5,5 reduced)