10.09.2023 | UNTEN AM FLUSS (GB 1978, Martin Rosen)

GEGENkinder cinema


GB 1978, D: Martin Rosen, 92’, german version, digital, released for 6 years and older

After little Fever has had visions of an impending disaster, a group of wild rabbits sets off to find a safe place for themselves. On their hike, they meet new friends: the seagull Kehaar and a group of domestic rabbits which they free from imprisonment. Together, they establish a new burrow close to a river called Watership Down. However, the rabbits of the burrow Efrafa are living in the region. They suffer under the cruel rule of General Woundwort. To not also being forced to live under the dictatorship of Efrafa, the rabbits decide to fight. WATERSHIP DOWN impresses with a fantastical mythology and the atmospheric story around freedom and solidarity in the face of injustice and oppression.

Sun 10. SeptUT Connewitz
2 PMfreigegeben ab 6 Jahren 
€ 2