10.09.2023 | Jörg Buttgereit: NICHT JUGENDFREI! TAGEBUCH AUS WEST-BERLIN | Nekromantik (DE 1988, Jörg Buttgereit)

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With NEKROMANTIK (1988), DER TODESKING (1989), SCHRAMM (1993), and other titles, Jörg Buttgereit has strained the nerves and good taste of German bourgeois culture and beyond and at the same time, has delivered significant impulses for the horror genre. In his book “NICHT JUGENDFREI” published in June, he now, at the age of almost 60, looks back on his work – not only as a filmmaker and special effects supervisor, but also as a comic author, theatre and radio play director.

In this, the book provides a highly entertaining and opulently illustrated insight into the making of the films, which was contingent on low budgets and a DIY-spirit that did not stop short of a detailed staging of wounds and complexly construed fountains of body fluids. Looking back on his youth years, Buttgereit also turns out to be a proficient connoisseur of miscellaneous phenomena of the music and film world – starting with martial arts flicks and monster films right up to punk culture. Thereby, he not only conveys answers to the question which subcultural influences have shaped him, but en passant, he also draws a portrait of the Berlin underground during the years of change. 


DE 1988, D: Jörg Buttgereit, A: Beatrice Manowski, Daktari Lorenz, Harald Lundt, 75’, german OV, 35mm

Being labelled a scandalous film disguises the sensual gaze that is inherent in Jörg Buttgereit’s feature debut: when already in the beginning of the film, the camera examines the scene of a car accident to a hypnotic soundtrack, presenting deformed bodies to us for the first time, one senses that here, we have to do it with something more than calculated shocking.

NEKROMANTIK is the psychogram of a man, whose coping with trauma lets him descend into zones no one is willing to follow him into. And yet, it seems to work well inside his four walls. Betty shares Rob’s preference for corpses. When she leaves him, his already fragile world breaks apart. A Passion narrative in extreme pictures. 

Sun 10 SeptUT Connewitz
7 PMReading and presentation in German
€ 11 VVK / 12 AK