14.09.22 | THE BLACK BOX (DE 1992, Johann Feindt & Tamara Trampe)

GER 1992, D: Johann Feindt & Tamara Trampe, Doc, 95′, OV with English subtitles, DCP 

Breaking open a person’s black box is how Jochen Girke formulates one of his former tasks as a psychologist at the GDR’s State Security. As a system that gets examined, the black box has an input where information comes in and is processed to adjust behavior to environments based on that information. But we only see what comes out. Its inner life remains in the dark. In the cinematic psychogram THE BLACK BOX, Tamara Trampe and Johann Feindt want to know: How have you become the person sitting in front of me now? Social questions are derived from personal ones. How is it possible to destroy the conscience of a whole society? An illustration of not wanting to give up further inquiring. And possibly the failure of doing so? THE BLACK BOX is one of the first documentaries from the post-GDR era to address the issue of coming to terms with the past.

Wed 14 SeptUT Connewitz
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