26 Aug 2021 | The Twentieth Century (CA 2019, Matthew Rankin)

CA 2019, D: Matthew Rankin, C: Dan Beirne, Mikhaïl Ahooja, Catherine Saint-Laurent, 90′, Orig. with Eng. subs, DCP

Canada, 1899. 22-year-old Lyon King is in diplomatic training, aiming for the office of prime minister, which is assigned in a competition. Victories in disciplines such as calligraphic peeing of one’s own name in the snow and the ceremonial cutting of red ribbons are supposed to prove leadership qualities. In addition to a neurotic, bedr idden mother, with whom King maintains an oedipal relationship, an obsessive shoe fetish and his rival Bert Harper prevent him from succeeding in the role of a statesman. A satirical and queerly perverted dismantling of national pride and the cult of leadership.

Thu 26 AugUT Connewitz
7 pmregular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€