7.09.2023 | OMEN / AUGURE (BE/NL/CD 2023, Baloji)

BE/NL/CD 2023, D: Baloji, A: Marc Zinga, Lucie Debay, Eliane Umuhire, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, 91’, OV with English subtitles, DCP

Koffi is a young man from Congo, who is living in Europe with his fiancée Alice. They visit his family, the reception is aloof right up to chilly – Koffi has a birthmark, which is why his mother accused him of being a sorcerer. Intertwined with his story are characters with similar destinies: his sister Tshala or Paco, a street teenager and dealer of antibiotics. 

OMEN promenades between the allure of modernity and being anchored in traditions. Equipped with music, sublime costumes, supernatural horror elements, psychological subtlety and black humour, we drift along with the intensity of the film, on and on into an unsettling, phantasmagorical vision of the Congo and Africa. 

Tue 7 SeptUT Connewitz
7 PM€ 6,5 (5,5 red.)