9.09.22 | SIMONE BARBÈS OU LA VERTU (F 1980, Marie-Claude Treilhou)

F 1980, D: Marie-Claude Treilhou, A: Ingrid Bourgoin, Martine Simonet, Michel Delahaye, 77′, OV with English subtitles, DCP

Simone Barbès works the evening shift with her colleague at a porn cinema in Montparnasse. In the hall, there are continuous activities, rhythmically consisting of guests criss-crossing the room, opening and closing doors and the disco funk sound of the cinema halls. Everything here shines in an artificial yellow, red and blue. The cinematic world of the film has the qualities of a big stage. Various worlds are presented to us, having in common that all are secure spaces reigned by the pleasure principle. Like in VARIETY, SIMONE BARBÈS OR VIRTUE soon leaves the cinematic context and plunges into the big city, for instance into a lesbian cabaret bar, where Simone assumes to find a friend.

Fri 9 SeptLuru Kino in der Spinnerei

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