9.09.22 | Variety (US/BRD/GB 1983, Bette Gordon)

US/BRD/GB 1983, D: Bette Gordon, A: Sandy McLeod, Will Patton, Luis Guzman, Nan Goldin, Richard Davidson, 97′, English OV, 35mm

Christine has financial problems and tries out a box office job in one of the numerous porn cinemas in New York City. There, she sits around screened in her pay booth, picks up impressions of the audience and smokes inside the lobby, while groans are echoing from the halls. Just when her life seems stable for once, her friend increasingly grows apart from her, all the more when she begins to admit her initially subliminal curiosity, immersing more and more into the porn world.

VARIETY is a film about solitude and desire, which inverts the perspective of classic US narrative cinema – the male gaze and women being looked at – at the same time.

Fri 9.09.Luru Kino in der Spinnerei
Feminist film double with introduction

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