»all eyez on v« video exhibition / »Top Girl«

Full frontal female discourse tonight:

At 6:30pm the ballroom of Schaubühne Lindenfels opens up for our »all eyez on v« video exhibition, in which various works dealing with female narrationship and the possibilites of (post-)porn filmmaking.

Similar topics will be discussed after at the »PussyPop« panel which starts at 7:30pm. With: Laura Méritt (Sexaktivistin, Mitbegründerin PorYes – Feminist Porn Award), Sven Lewandowski (Soziologe; Autor von »Die Pornographie der Gesellschaft«) und Tatjana Turanskyj (Filmemacherin, u.a. »Eine flexible Frau« & »Top Girl«).

Afterwards, at 10pm, Tatjana Turanskyj will precent her most recent film »Top Girl, oder: la déformation professionnelle« and have a Q&A with the audience after the screening.

Free entrance to the exhibition and the panel. The exhibition will be open until Saturday, 25 April. Some of the exhibiting artists will be present and available for discussion.