GEGENkino presents | Andrea Belfi, I T O E & Flying Moon In Space play live score for Materialfilme (BRD W+B Hein)

This is our first announcement:

Sat 13 April 2019
UT Connewitz
9 PMAndrea Belfi, I T O E & Flying Moon In Space live score
Materialfilme (BRD W+B Hein): Materialfilme (1976 , 35′, 35mm), 625 (1969, 34′, digital), Reproductions (1968, 28′, digital)

before: Andrea Marinelli: SECRETSHOW

Being progressive representatives of the 60s’ and 70s’ underground film, Wilhelm and Birgit Hein carry out a radical rejection of narrative cinema. Their material-films, from which we will see a selection, are anti-illusionistic and non-conversational. The physical presence of the analogue film strip and the tecnichal requirements for its screening, which otherwise remain hidden (like the perforation needed for play-back, the soundtrack or the scraps occuring during preparation) are as much recurring elements of Wilhelm and Birgit Hein’s work as is the battered celluloid. Fragments and remnants of the usually unseen start- and endtape of 35mm film copies are key ingredients of MATERIALFILME, displaying scratches and new arrays defying the frames. 625 consists of grainy grids, negatively produced, spread in 625 lines that were filmed from a TV screen in shifting fuzziness.

I T O E , Andrea Belfi and Flying Moon in Space, all working in their own way at the interface of ambient, kraut and psychedelia, will each add exclusive live scores to one “Materialfilm”. Six headed Flying Moon in Space sounds as if it came from outta space. With a lot of sound effect tailwind, they create groovy, harmonious progrock and occasionally intense, eruptive jam passages. Solo drummer Andrea Belfi simultaneously plays on his spartan drum-set alongside various electronic sound generators, intertwining the rich sound spectrum generated by his playing techniques with the textures of synthesizers. Freedom inside of structure and synths as instruments are also the case with I T O E, fortifying their sound-radicals with guitar loops and occasional traces of saxophone to let them sprout in hypnotic repetitions.

In SECRETSHOW, Italian musician and media artist Andrea Marinelli works with the almost forgotten aesthetic potential of overhead projectors. In combination with electronic soundscapes, he improvises a unique experience of light and sound anew every time. His audiovisual performance makes use of urban and museal spaces’ peculiarities, the colours and textures of the walls, the rooms’ nooks and crannies. Photographs of faces, masks and statues overlap each other, shadows interfere and vanish, the usually defined framing of the image is subject to constant change. Aged film strips play with the aura of the iconic, while sound recordings of different languages and dialects open multiple semantic fields, reveal secrets and encrypt them again. This show has been performed at international festivals like the IFF Locarno, but the Milanese artist has also modified it for small, familial settings like private parties. Premiering in Germany at GEGENkino, Marinelli will design an evening for the acoustic and architectural characteristics of UT Connewitz.

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