C’est Les Trucs!

C’est Les Trucs!

The dada synth-punk duo from the Knertz Collective will come to GEGENkino festival and present their most recent project—a live score for F. W. Murnau’s classic TheLastLaugh—on 27April at UT Connewitz.

If you know the band’s music you can guess that this performance will be quite different from your usual pianist-adds-live-score-to-Metropolis-or-whatever events.

Prepare yourselves!

And if you want to spoil the surprise for you, have a look here:

Les Trucs add live score to The Last Laugh

(GER 1924, D: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, A: Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, 90’, silent, BluRay)

“Today you are first and best, respected by everyone, a minister, a general, maybe even a prince— do you know what you will be tomorrow?”—with these words Murnau’s Weimar classic TheLastLaughopens up and then goes to tell a story of social decline. The main character, played by Emil Jannings, climbs down the career ladder and, formerly a concierge of good standing, he becomes a lavatory attendant. Not only regarding the narrative and acting the film is committed to the expressionist film language prevalent in the 1920s, but also from a technical point of view. For the first time in film history, cinematographer Karl Freund turns loose the “unleashed camera”: from now on, in cinema, not only images and characters are moving, but also the view now wanders through space.

Aided by synthesisers, sequencers and various sounding devices, Charlotte Simon and Zink Tonsur alias LesTrucs will enrich Murnau’s silent film with live sound in the hall of UT Connewitz. Music and performance of this duo are full of a Dadaist spirit. Everyone present will have to accept the fact that what is happening before one’s own eyes and inside one’s own ears cannot even roughly be described. Wonderful it is at least. If Murnau will show his magnificence on screen, it is rather unlikely that LesTrucs will withdraw themselves in their performance in front of the screen.

27April, 9 pm – UT Connewitz – € 12/10 (red.)