CONTINUITY (GER, 2016, Omer Fast)

Let us continue – with CONTINUITY! We’re kind of excited to be able to show this new film by Israelian artist and director Omer Fast, because it’s really that brilliant a film; arguably quite unlike everything you’ve seen of recent German cinema lately. CONTINUITY will be screened on 08 April, 10pm at Schaubühne Lindenfels. If the title sounds familiar to you: a shorter version of the film was already shown at dOCUMENTA13 back then and at Martin-Gropius-Bau recently – and now here’s the feature length version of it. Fill your heads with information and antecipation by reading more about it below.


GER 2016, D: Omer Fast, A: André Hennicke, Iris Böhm, Constantin von
Jascheroff, OV/English subtitles, 85’, DCP

CONTINUITY starts out as an emotional story about a homecoming. Thorsten and Katja, a middle-aged, married couple, repeatedly picks up young soldiers in uniform from the local train station. Every time it happens to be a different post-war soldier that they take to their home to celebrate a festive, slightly awkward welcome with them. These young men have one thing in common: the nameplate on their uniform says “Fiedler” – the parents’ surname. And: they disappear mysteriously. It remains unresolved if there ever was any Daniel Fiedler, unresolved where the parents’ grief and hope arise from and whether possibly, the young men are prostitutes that help the couple avert their break-up. CONTINUITY creates an immense tension, captivates, performs narrative sidesteppings, changes identities—and does not, however, turn so heavily labyrinthian that it loses touch with the audience. Again and again, subtle traces are construed, clear moments blaze up now and then before the film progresses into the next cunning entanglement of content, into another one of its loops. Being variantions of an eerie ritual with its odd roleplaying, they frequently shift to an unexpected eroticism. Omer Fast is interested in tripping, dropping out of the linearity of a story. The outcome is a productive irritation and a deconstruction of the cinematic reality. Unbelievably good.

08 April, 10pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels – € 6,5 (5,5 red.)