Drawing Restraint 9 (USA 2005, Matthew Barney)

Unfortunately we were not able to get our hands on Matthew Barney’s most recent, very modest work “River of Fundament”, which everybody seems to love. But, as you may know, GEGENkino is screening his 2005 film “Drawing Restraint 9” and we are glad to confirm that Florian Mundhenke (Junior professor at KMW Leipzig) will give an introduction to Matthew Barney’s œuvre and some insights into the relation of his movies to other forms of art and to other art spaces than the cinema before the screening.

Drawing Restraint 9

(USA 2005, D: Matthew Barney, A: Björk, Matthew Barney, 135’, no dialogue, 35mm)

As in the CREMASTER CYCLE, director Matthew Barney also moves in spheres beyond the narratively graspable in his follow-up. Full of exuberant poetry, his pictures drift on surreal terrain and tell of whaling rituals, Japanese natural religions, of constructing a sculpture made of vaseline, and of the will that controls desire. As if that wasn’t already enough, Björk creates a brilliant score accompanying the pictures, fluctuating between Japanese sounds, children’s corals and electrical forging.

06 April 2014, 8pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels – € 6/5 (red.)