Live score by Felix Kubin & PANDT to „La Region Centrale“


Three hours are 180 minutes. Think about it…that is why PANDT from IfZ will also arrive on the scene and help to generate some dizziness during the opening projection of Michael Snow’s „La Region Centrale“.

Eröffnung GEGENkino /// opening GEGENkino
Felix Kubin & PANDT vertonen /// add sound to „La Region Centrale“
03. April, 20 Uhr
UT Connewitz


Felix Kubin and PANDT add sound to “La Région Centrale” (CAN 1971, D: Michael Snow, 180’, no dialogue, 16mm)

As electronic anarchist and founder of the “Syndikat für Gegenlärm” (counternoise syndicate), Felix Kubin has been meandering through all musical forms and genres conceivable for 25 years. In Kubinism, all of these merge miraculously: dadaist computer music in the tradition of “Der Plan”, radio play sequences, dented jazz-memories, dystopian sounds playing in a contaminated civilization, and the tone of of beautiful, old acoustic instruments craving for attention once in a while.
Exclusively for GEGENkino, Kubin accompanies Michael Snow’s “La Region Centrale” combining aimlessly wandering synthesizer sounds, vigorous catatonic dance music with his own operetta-like voice. This classic experimental required five days of shooting on a lonely mountaintop in northern Quebec. The camera was mechanically preset and firmly established on a tripod – equipped with 360° rotation, it panned upwards to the sky, circled in all directions without ever repeating a single movement.
An experimental spatial setting is part of the performance.