German Angst (GER 2015, Jörg Buttgereit)

German Angst

(GER 2015, D: Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall, A: Lola Gave, Axel Holst, Annika Strauss, Andreas Pape, Matthan Harris, Milton Welsh, Kristina Kostiv, Désirée Giorgetti, 111’, dF & eOmdU, DCP)
Director Andreas Marschall will be present.

We will add some blood, gore and phantasies of revenge to our program by bringing you the new horror film collage “German Angst” by German horror filmmaker triumvirate Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski and Andreas Marschall. The later two of which will also be present at the screening.

The episodes of directors Buttgereit, Kosakowski and Marschall are devoid of “German Angst”, that is a specific German over-caution, an indeterminate anxiety paired with musing and hesitation. Their three metropolitan nightmares are courageous, nonconformist, rough and harsh—a soothing contribution to German genre cinema that might be enjoyable and instructive to non-connoisseurs as well, concerning their own fears and the capacity to withstand the stress emanating from an electrical bread knife.  
Buttgereit’s “Final Girl” is the prelude: an ugly, white window curtain. Behind it, in close-up, an approximately 14-year-old sleeping girl. Is she the “Final Girl”? The flat is stiff with dirt. On the radio, there is news of a man who has chopped up his wife. It says, he thought he was Jesus and his wife was an incarnation of the devil. Besides, the girl takes poultry scissors and walks into the parental bedroom.
Michal Kosakowski’s “Make a Wish” tells how Kasia and Jacek, a deaf-mute Polish couple, get into the hand of a sadist neo-Nazi gang. Apparently, the two young people are at the mercy of the thugs. However, Kasia has a charm that has already changed the course of history during World War II and thus saved her mother. This time as well, something magical happens that surprisingly perverts the situation.
In Andreas Marschall’s last episode “Alraune”, a young man residing in Berlin night-life comes across a secret erotic club that promises the ultimate sexual borderline experience with the help of a drug made out of roots of the legendary Alraune. But the ecstatic experiences have atrocious side effects.

21 April, 8 pm – Luru-Kino – € 6/5 (red.)