L’Époque / Young and Alive (F 2018, Matthieu Bareyre)

F 2018, D: Matthieu Bareyre, Doc, 96′, OV with English subtitles, DCP

Paris between 2015 and 2017. Interviews on the streets and in cafés. Charming adolescent overconfidence blends with the dire feeling of being lost and having no future. The reactions to that are diverse. There is laughing, dancing and provoking the bourgeoisie on the grand boulevards. Others discuss alliances. Solidarity. Reflect their lives under capitalist conditions. Every now and then, we see burning barricades or cops beating constrained people. The streets are marked by riots, sparked off by yet another black adolescent being abused in police custody and another one dead. A time shaped by the movement “Nuit debout”, but also by the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan.

Then there is Rose. A young French woman, full of energy and wit, with a sparkle in her eyes. She talks about racial profiling, argues about identity issues and climbs the monument on the republican square. YOUNG AND ALIVE is no journey to the end of the night. Rather, it is a blazing cocktail foreshadowing its fumes, a feverish ride carried and driven by a Vivaldi sonata in D minor. It is the survey of a generation leaping into a new era, if it were not for the old one.

18 April, 10 pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels – € 6,5 (5,5 red.)