1) DEADLINE for VIDEOKILLS submissions prolonged!

2) Closing day for applications for internship at GEGENkino

Our partners from •• Videokills •• have prolonged the deadline for your submissions to »The Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies«
by two weeks. Meaning, you will have time until the 15th of February to submit your films and videos as well as music material to the programme.

All further information you might need, can be found here:

Videokills | »The Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies«

Dear friends of GEGENkino, we are glad to announce that for the upcoming GEGENkino festival we will team up with the artists’ collective VIDEOKILLS and booking agency [fwd: like waves] in order to curate an evening of collaboratively compiled works of silent movies and specially composed scores. VIDEOKILLS offers filmmakers, media artists and musicians a […]

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As for the internship at our festival that we were offering: we’ve received quite enough interesting applications and can’t accept any further applications from now. Thanks a lot for your interest!

To all the applicants: You will hear from us sometime this week (if you haven’t already). Ideally, so you can start to help us out and became part of our festival by the second last week of February.