Panel discussion | PussyPop. Pornography in Film and Society

Panel discussion PussyPop – Pornography in Film and Society

With: Laura Méritt (sex-activist, co-founder of PorYes), Sven Lewandowski (sociologist and author of »Die Pornographie der Gesellschaft«), Tatjana Turanskyj (filmmaker, e.g. »Eine flexible Frau« & »Top Girl«)

Presentation: Julia Lemmle (Berlin)

Porn—a phenomenon branching out in all directions, industrially high-selling, generally customised to a maximum satisfaction of a male sexual desire, but, concerning aesthetics, allegedly very limited. Porn fulfils lots of superlatives. Thus, it was merely a matter of time before porn would be part of popular culture. Its arrival there, however, likewise introduces new questions: How significant is it within film and popular culture? What changes has the influence of a feminist pornography achieved in this realm yet? Is it possible for pornography to function as a mode of revolt and, beyond that, frame political statements?
Presented by Julia Lemmle, debaters Laura Méritt, Sven Lewandowski and Tatjana Turanskyj, will discuss these and further questions and contradictions in the ballroom of Schaubühne Lindenfels.  They will try to chop their way through the undergrowth of contemporary pornography so as to reveal insights on one of the most controversial film genres and cultural phenomena and its conversion in the perception of society.

The discussion will be in German and will be embedded in the video exhibition all eyez on v, which will be installed inside Schaubühne Lindenfels’ ballroom simultaneously.

23 April, 7.30 pm – Ballroom of Schaubühne Lindenfels – Free entrance