Paradoks | 27.10 – 9.11

paradoks brings together video installations of local and international artists who work on the intersections of film, art and activism and whose approach and aesthetics operate at the edges of documentary filmmaking. In their work, facts are modified by fictionalised, journalistic and investigative techniques like image processing methods and re-enactments. The exhibition consists of a selection of multichannel video installations which are grouped into two thematic areas. While ‘Arrival’ deals with the different realities of migration and (non)arrival in German society, ‘Precarious Bodies’ explores the working conditions of contemporary artistic production. There will also be a panel discussion on the 27th of October, inviting artists and curators to discuss the activist potential inherent in these constantly shifting boundaries. Which approaches and methods can provide adequate counter images in view of political conditions in the age of fake news and increasing right-wing populism?