Prison System 4614 & The Incomplete (D 2015 & 2013, Jan Soldat)

Prison System 4614 & The Incomplete

(GER 2015 & 2013, Doc, D: Jan Soldat, 60’ & 48’, OV w/ english subtitles, bluray)

Director Jan Soldat and actor Klaus Johannes »The Incomplete« Wolf will be present.

The eponymous prison here is not a place where sentences are executed but rather a private disciplinary institution, in which people are playing out bondage phantasies and fetishes of submission. Thus, the man fixed on the floor is a sacrifice of his own accord and a paying customer at the same time. His agonies are pieces of service, planned in preliminary talks and genuinely arranged with the help of original prison armatures and Guantanamo-like overalls.

By means of a deliberate narrative structure and trenchant questions skilfully placed, Jan Soldat works out unexpectedly much space for affection, empathy and confidence inside of this setting. At the latest when inmates and guards answer these questions and start to relate stories of themselves, describing their stay behind bars as “unwinding” and “leaving daily life behind”, normality invades the visually depicted deviation.

The Incomplete also proves to be clear of any sentimentalities and attempts to mediate a sexually marginalized man – it is a documentary short profile about the 60-year-old Klaus Johannes Wolf and his life as a slave. Chained to his bed, he talks about his experiences, his parents and what is means to be naked.

22 April, 9 pm – UT Connewitz – € 6/5 (red.)