TARA (GER, 2016, Felicitas Sonvilla / FLUIDØ (GER, 2017, Shu Lea Cheang)

Now, for some more “science” fiction: On April 12 at Luru Kino we’ll have a gamy double screening featuring TARA, the new short film by young filmmaker Felicitas Sonvilla off of MOTEL director’s collective and the most recent work by Taiwanese new media artist Shu Lea Cheng: FLUIDØ—both of which you might’ve see at this year’s Berlinale… or might have not, and so here’s another opportunity. Check the trailers below (they’re worth it)!


GER 2016, D: Felicitas Sonvilla, A: Sasha Davydova, Leo van Kann,
Lena Lauzemis, Russian OV/German subtitles, 30’, DCP

Memory and the trial of overcoming the present are among the guiding themes of TARA. The short film’s construction of the present is Characterized by darkness and coldness. Protagonist Mira finds pictures of a better life only in fragments of memory—until she hears about the promises of a place called “Tara”. Located far east, this region augurs a life free from the central region’s constraints, breaking with the alienating circumstances that make existence a silent ordeal. TARA is the most recent work of the young Munich directors’ collective MOTEL, which, with only minimal narrative and pictorial devices, manages to create a scenario captivatingly reminding one of the great sci-fi film inspirators P. K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem or the Strugatzki brothers.

12 April, 10pm – Luru Kino – € 8  (6 red.) for a double ticket incl. FLUIDØ


GER 2017, D: Shu Lea Cheang, A: Candy Flip, Bishop Black, Kristina
Marlen, William Morris, OV/ English subtitles, 80’, DCP

2060. We are situated in a future without AIDS, in which a novel intoxicant is spreading. The drug is made by sporadically occuring HI virus mutations, is transferable by skin contact and has a maximum dependence potential. In this future also, drugs are illegal, persecution by the secret police being the consequence. At the same time, at another place, an unusual scenario: men in jockstraps are strung together, all wired up, committed to continuously produce sperm that is required for the production of medication for the pharmaceutical industry. Prolonged shots alternate with densely clocked images increasing into temporary strobe light effects, thus highlighting bodies, their secretions and potential efficacy. Before FLUIDØ made its way onto the screen, the zero gene made a name for itself in performances, installations and photo exhibitions. A dystopian science fiction porn, in which the boundaries between genders as well as between homo-, hetero-, bi-, trans- or intersexual continuously blur. “Fluidø is virus, sex, hack, drug & conspiracy.” (Shu Lea Cheang)

12 April, 10pm – Luru Kino – € 8 (6 red.) for a double ticket incl. TARA