Tonight | Raster & Pedro Maia

We’re so excited about tonight! In cooperation with experimental electronic music vanguards Raster and Institut fuer Zukunft we compiled this special event and have a bunch of great people coming to GEGENkino today:

Portuguese collage filmmaker Pedro Maia will be there tonight to screen his work WASTELAND—on three 16mm projectors simultaneously! The screening will be accompanied by an exclusive live score by Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot).

Robert Lippok will kick off the evening with a solo live set that will start at 9:30pm. After that, Pedro Maia will join in and project WASTELAND. The screening is followed by an audio-visual live set of his labelmate
Grischa Lichtenberger and a DJ set by Mieko Suzuki that will steer you through the rest of the night. Moreover, there’ll be a little installation with video works from the Raster archives. Prepare to be surprised!

[Tickets are still available at the doors tonight. People with a GEGENkino festival ticket have to pay a small additional charge only.

13 April 2018
Institut für Zukunft
9 PMRobert Lippok (Live-Set)
10:15 PMRobert Lippok vertont WASTELAND (2015, Pedro Maia, 30’, stumm, 3x16mm)
afterwards: Grischa Lichtenberger (live a/v set)
Mieko Suzuki (dj set)

Plus: INSTALLATION of Raster video works

Raster | Maia | Suzuki | Lichtenberger

Pedro Maia:
Robert Lippok:
Grischa Lichtenberger:
Mieko Suzuki:

For more than 20 years, Raster (formerly known as: Raster Noton) has
established a label that not only stands for a specifically distinct techno and experimental sound, but also for a collective platform that frequently serves as basis for collaborations with artists from various
disciplines. The evening will be opened by an encounter of digital and
analogue: as a premiere and exclusively for GEGENkino, Robert Lippok
adds a live score to WASTELAND, a 16mm-film performance of Portuguese artist Pedro Maia.

The title literally refers to the origin of the filmstrips shown: they are seemingly useless waste, faulty exposures, they are discarded material from an analogue film lab. The colours of WASTELAND are less reminiscent of barren or bleak landscapes but rather remind of Stan Brakhage’s chemical experiments. That means that after being exposed to toxic processes, the images turn into pure colour fields. Maia’s three projectors animate them, let fissures and stains flicker, let veinlets, scratches and debris whirl. After an additional live set by Robert Lippok, Grischa Lichtenberger will present his audiovisual live performance. Raster resident Mieko Suzuki will then end the showcase. Besides, various Raster video works are installed and displayed all night long. They are representative for the close involvement with computers and their audiovisual capabilities – a constant topic that steadily forms the objectives of the label.