Top Girl (D 2014, Tatjana Turanskyj)

Top Girl, or: La déformation professionnelle

(GER 2014, D: Tatjana Turanskyj, A: Julia Hummer, RP Kahl, Stefan Mehren, 99’, OV w/english subs, DCP)

The directress will be present.

And another great female director will be joining our festival! Tatjana Turanskyj will be there and introduce her recent film “Top Girl oder la déformation professionnelle”. Since female authorship was an important thing for us for this year’s GEGENkino programme, we are very happy to be able to show the film and have Tatjana Turanskyj coming to the festival.

Snapshots from a contemporary, fragile, female working biography: Helena dressed in latex rubber, leather, mesh hoses, with long eyelashes and sex toys, is working for an escort service. Male customers have various preferences. Helena is not an Eastern European girl who has been abducted into the country, neither is she a confident whore who wants her voluntary prostitution to be taken to mean an emancipatory act. Actually, she wants to work as an actress. During a casting, the contradictions concerning her life are bunching when she has to play a needy woman. At this point, the transitions between established forms of acting, the performance in her occupation, her family life and even sex work increasingly blur. Top Girl is the second film of Tatjana Turanskyj’s Women-And-Work-Trilogy, which deals with labour conditions and economised relationships in which women move. She herself is co-founder of the initiative ProQuote-Regie that takes a stand for equal representation of genders in the councils for film subsidies and promotes the reduction of structural discrimination of female directors.

23 April, 10 pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels – € 6/5 (red.) euros