Update | Amir Hamz @ GEGENkino

Good news, everyone! We’ve got one further guest coming to our festival:

For the screening of »Der Nachtmahr« on April 29 Amir Hamz—producer of film—will come to Schaubühne Lindenfels and talk about important stuff with us; namely: financing (among other things)! How can you manage to shoot a film like »Der Nachtmahr«, when you’ve got no state funding for your project? Is crowdfunding really the new golden path?

Come to the screening in order to hear more about it.

Der Nachtmahr

(GER 2015, D: AKIZ, A: Carolyn Genzkow, Arnd Klawitter, Julia Jenkins, 88’, OV w/ Eng. subs, DCP)

Q&A with producer Amir Hamz after the screening.

29 April, 9 pm – SchaubühneLindenfels – € 6,5/5,5(red.)