05 Sept 2021 | ЛАДОНИ / Ladoni (SU/Moldauische SSR 1993, Artur Aristakisyan)

SU/Moldavia 1993, D: Artur Aristakisyan, Doc, 140’, Orig. with German subs, 35mm

Armenian filmmaker Artur Aristakisyan shot his film essay about homeless people in Chisinau (Moldavia) already in 1990, but it premiered in 1993 as his graduation film from the Moscow All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. In this lesser-known cinematic masterpiece, the narrator speaks to his unborn son hoping to save him from the system. Ironically, the only way out suggested by the narrator is by becoming an outcast. The images of the film, all 16 mm hand camera shots, sketch the life-stories of ten beggars. They are turned into ten poetic parables about positive and negative liberty (Isaiah Berlin) of the individual.

Sun 05 SeptUT Connewitz
7 pmWith an introduction by Elina Reitere

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