09.09.2023 | DU-BEAT-E-O (US 1984, Alan Sacks)



US 1984, D: Alan Sacks, A: Joan Jett, Ray Sharkey, El Duce, Texacala Jones, Derf Scratch, 84’, English OV, 35mm

At Wagenplatz Karl Helga on September 9, we will show the forgotten DU-BEAT-E-O by Alan Sacks. This is a confused and lunatic document of the L.A. punk scene of the early 1980ies, in which Sacks attends to the foreign material of a never finished film and arranges a meta-story about a filmmaker close to madness around it, who obsessively finishes cutting the opus. Doing so, the threatening demeanour of a mafioso as well as the splatter stunts of the shock rockers The Mentors do not let him get away easily.

Sat 9 Sept
Wagenplatz Karl Helga
8 PM€ Admission for donation