08.–10.9.2023 | MILIEU-CINEMA (Stadtteilpark Rabet, Wagenplatz Karl Helga, Fortuna (Kino der Jugend))



We are delighted to present a mobile venue for the first time this year. From Vienna, Milieu-Cinema will visit us – in it, we present an alternating programme that is customised for the diverse urban space locations on three days. At neighbourhood park Rabet, Wagenplatz Karl Helga and in cooperation with IG Fortuna, at the former Kino der Jugend, you can indulge in the charm of a unique venue.

Milieu-Cinema is a project from Max Kauffmann, who has conceived and finished it in years and years of work. The small hall is located in a specially converted truck. With a flick of the wrist, the backside of the cargo area turns into a foyer with ticket office and bar. With its neon signs, poster show cases and the 15 cushioned seats on the inside, nothing is lacking that you would expect in a traditonal cinema in this modern travelling cinema – there is even a 35mm projector which we will certainly use.

Stadtteilpark Rabet
3 PM

5 PM

Babylon (UK 1980, Franco Rosso)
UK 1980, D: Franco Rosso, A: Brinsley Forde, Trevor Laird, Karl Howman, 95’, English OV, 35mm
Babylon (UK 1980, Franco Rosso)
2nd screening
Wagenplatz Karl Helga
8 PM

10 PM

DU-BEAT-E-O (US 1984, Alan Sacks)
US 1984, D: Alan Sacks, A: Joan Jett, Ray Sharkey, El Duce, Texacala Jones, Derf Scratch, 84’, English OV, 35mm
German Premiere
AT 2023, D: Norbert Pfaffenbichler, A: Stefan Erber, Veronika Harb, Jurij Föger, 82’, without dialogue, digital
Fortuna (Kino der Jugend)
7 PM

Short films
Short film programme at the travelling cinema