08.09.2023 | Babylon (UK 1980, Franco Rosso)



UK 1980, D: Franco Rosso, A: Brinsley Forde, Trevor Laird, Karl Howman, 95’, English OV, 35mm

At neighbourhood park Rabet on September 8, we present BABYLON by Franco Rosso. Protagonist is a boy called Blue with his ravenous desire to build up a reputation as a dancehall-deejay in London’s reggae culture. With his Ital Lion Crew, he fiercely fights against the racism and xenophobia of employers, neighbours, the police and the National Front. In the London of the late 70ies, these mobile discotheques with their massive speakers were vibrant ambassadors of reggae music in the streets, in clubs and public events. The scene was a mouthpiece for social concerns and political messages. Sound systems were “key institutions” for spreading Afro-Caribbean music, which was denied from getting public airtime until well into the 80ies.

Fri 8. Sept
Stadtteilpark Rabet
3 PM
5 PM
€ Admission for donation
2nd Screening