13.04.19 | Andrea Belfi, I T O E + Flying Moon in Space play live score for MATERIALFILME (B+W Hein) & Andrea Marinelli: SECRETSHOW

After two lovely screenings and one lovely guest yesterday at Luru Kino in der Spinnerei, it is day three of the festival. We are slowly getting into some kind of GEGENrhythm, our hearts beat fast, stop suddenly, then continue fast. Quite fitting for tonight’s solid lineup at UT Connewitz. We are happy to welcome drum wizard Andrea Belfi, I T O E and Flying Moon in Space to add live scores to films of underground luminaries Birgit and Wilhelm Hein. Alongside that, we are happy to have Andrea Marinelli from Milan as our guest, showing the German Premiere of SECRET SHOW, an audio-visual performance using overhead projectors. Being visually stimulated, while listening to sounds and beats. Quite a reasonable way to start into your Saturday evening we think.

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GEGENkino presents | Andrea Belfi, I T O E & Flying Moon In Space play live score for Materialfilme (BRD W+B Hein)

This is our first announcement: Sat 13 April 2019UT Connewitz LIVE SCORE 9 PM Andrea Belfi, I T O E & Flying Moon In Space live scoreMaterialfilme (BRD W+B Hein): Materialfilme (1976 , 35′, 35mm), 625 (1969, 34′, digital), Reproductions (1968, 28′, digital) before: Andrea Marinelli: SECRETSHOW Being progressive representatives of the 60s’ and 70s’ […]

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Sat 13.4
UT Connewitz
beforeAndrea Marinelli: SECRETSHOW
9 PMAndrea Belfi, I T O E & Flying Moon in Space play live score for MATERIALFILME by Birgit and Wilhelm Hein
BRD 1976, 35’, 35mm
BRD 1969, 34’, digital 
BRD 1968, 28’, digital

Impression – B & W Hein