15.09.22 | THE PURCHASED DREAM. EVERYDAY LIFE OF A WORKING FAMILY (GER 1977, Helga Reidemeister, Eduard Gernart)

GER 1977, D: Helga Reidemeister, Eduard Gernart, in collaboration with the Bruder Family, Doc, 84′, OV with English subtitles, DCP

Irene and Günter Bruder are living with their four children at Märkisches Viertel, a Berlin new buildings district with 17.000 apartment units built for up to 50.000 people. The members of the family reveal their everyday life: their housekeeping with them sometimes compulsively keeping things clean, cooking, going to work. They are dealing with numerous conflicts in front of the camera and talk to Reidemeister about difficulties and anxieties, like passing on their social status to the next generation. The fifth and oldest child Michael, who has been consigned to a reformatory hell years ago, also gets a chance to speak. The Bruder family, which Reidemeister got to know in the context of her neighbourhood and social work, were actively involved in the creation of the film.

Thu 15 SeptLuru Kino in der Spinnerei
9 pmWith an introduction by Madeleine Bernstorff

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