17.09.2023 | ORLANDO, MY POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY (FR 2023, Paul B. Preciado)

FR 2023, D: Paul B. Preciado, A: Emma Avena, Arthur, Virginie Despentes, 98’, original with english subtitles, DCP

From a queer perspective, Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando – A Biography from 1928 is a decisive moment of literary modernity, because during its course, the young man Orlando awakens as a woman after a sleep lasting several days. For his experimental documentary film, Paul B. Preciado takes the figure of Orlando as a starting point for devoting himself with his own trans identity and as a playful proposal for about two dozen trans and non-binary people to recount their individual biographies. They slip into the role and comment on their respective transitions, their struggles with their own history and with state and medical-psychiatric regimes of control.

Sun 17 SeptUT Connewitz
9 PM€ 6,5 (5,5 reduced)