Update | Vertical Cinema

And we’re still getting surprising news coming in:

Filmmaker Johann Lurf announced that he will come to the Vertical Cinema event on Apr 28 at Paul Gerhardt Church, where he will talk about and introduce us to the Vertical Cinema project

and will also be available for a Q&A.

»Johann Lurf (AT) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and the Slade School of Art in London, graduating from Harun Farocki’s film class. His films Vertigo Rush (2007), 12 Explosionen (2008), Kreis Wr.Neustadt/A to A (2011), to name but a few, have been screened and won awards at numerous international film festivals.« (source: verticalcinema.org)

Johann Lurf‘s experimental short film »Pyramid Flare« is part of the Vertical Cinema programme.

Thu, 28 April – 9 pm, Paul-Gerhardt-Church Connewitz
Vertical Cinema [German Premiere]