29 Aug 2021 | Endless Night (ES 2019, Eloy Enciso)

ES 2019, D: Eloy Enciso, C: Misha Bies Golas, Nuria Lestegás, Celsa Araújo, 90’, Orig. with Eng. subs, DCP

In a small town in Galicia, a political prisoner returns after the civil war. His encounters along the way make him aware of the Franco regime that has taken hold of everyone. The night in the title is the refuge and nightmare of the persecuted, as well as the natural environment of ghosts through whom the past gains access. The drama does not emerge from acting or staging, but from the structure itself: supported by increasingly urgent texts – first theatrical dialogues, then testimonies of exiled authors and finally letters from people sentenced to death – the luminous night photography of Mauro Herce and the defencelessness of the protagonist.

Sun 29 AugSchaubühne Lindenfels
9 pmIn the presence of Eloy Enciso

regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€
double feature: 11€ / reduced 9€

supported by the embassy of Spain in Berlin