8.09.22 | NEPTUNE FROST (RW/US 2021, Anisia Uzeyman & Saul Williams)

RW/US 2021, D: Saul Williams & Anisia Uzeyman, A: Cheryl Isheja, Bertrand Ninteretse, Eliane Umuhire, Dorcy Rugamba, 105′, OV with English subtitles, languages: Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili, French, English, DCP

In this afro-futurist vision, a mixture of sci-fi parable, punky costume musical and an offbeat romance with a queer twist, the directing duo Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman leads us in the mountainous jungle of Rwanda, where a collective of hackers tries to overthrow an authoritarian regime.

The labyrinthine narration is kept together by structures of dreams and political statements, in addition to that repeatedly songs by Williams that are like manifestos and with their portentous drums and mourning chants form the powerful, emotional heartbeat of the film. The exuberant costumes intertwine local myths and high-tech. NEPTUNE FROST wants a lot and is a lot, among other things an exuberant, anti-colonial call to arms.

Thu 8 SeptLuru Kino in der Spinnerei
8 pmWith Dead Flash following
regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€