A Proletarian Winter’s Tale (GER 2014, Julian Radlmaier)

A Proletarian Winter’s Tale

(GER 2014, D: Julian Radlmaier, A: Natia Bakhtadze, Lars Rudolph, 63’, OV english subbed, bluray)
The director Julian Radlmaier will be present.

On April 20 we will have an evening dedicated to fresh German language films and young German speaking filmmakers that found new aesthetics and ways of filmmaking that deviate from those of Berliner Schule, German Filmschool films and other “movements” that come to mind, when you hear the phrase “German Cinema”. The first half of the evening will be filled by “A Proletarian Winter’s Tale“ by Julian Radlmaier, who will also be available for a discussion of his film after the screening.

On behalf of a building cleaning company, three young Georgian men have to clean a Berlin palace, in which the contemporary art collection of a German armaments manufacturer is to be displayed in the evening. On this occasion, proletarian people are not welcome and banished to the attic. Downstairs however, a delicious buffet is luring, which generates a revolutionary urge in the attendants. Did not the French Revolution also begin with a wedge of cake? Amid the upper class jet set they start rebelling against their rules and for a different life. Their resistance feeds on something obvious: their bodies. With them, they brave the burden of the space, the violence of a clear-cut, lordly architectonics and traditional order. They do not satisfy their societal function, their ascribed role any more. We prefer not to. They do not participate any longer, occasionally plainly stand around lazily or get up to odd nonsense. With a formally concise visual style regarding space, much humour and an eye for constellations of power, A Proletarian Winter’s Tale tells of the superficial abundance of a black hole that lacks any interest in a political awareness in film and art. Here, we have a film that refractorily refuses to be swallowed by that same hole.

20 April, 10 pm – Luru-Kino – 6/5 (red.) euros