bye GEGENkino #7

After 12 days of screenings, meetings, talks, concerts, exhibitions, drinking, sun and ice cream, GEGENkino is over. And we have more eyes than before. We really hope you had a pleasant time! Alright, now the thanks parade –

A big thank you goes out to our three main venues – UT ConnewitzLuru Kino in der SpinnereiSchaubühne Lindenfels, with one day visits to our cooperation partners this year: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig and Pracht. Cordial thanks to you, our audience, crowd, clientele, call yourselves whatever you prefer. Also, to our guests this year, providing background knowledge, insights, and fun – Cristóbal León, Judith (from Hamburg), Ted Fendt, Wilhelm Hein, Annette Frick, Andrea Belfi, I T O E, Flying Moon In SpaceAndrea Marinelli, Ramón Reichert, Frederik Lang, Nadia Tsulukidze, Beatrice Stammer, Natascha Frankenberg, Susanne Heinrich, Claus Löser, Gabriele Stötzer, Thomas Heise.

A big thanks to all the filmmakers for their films and videos and works, be it in our film programme or the exhibition, thanks to all the distributors we have been working together with all over the world. And: to people working in the venues, making it all possible, projectionists, technicians of all kinds, ticket takers, bar people! Thanks to Anne Elisabeth Witzmann for conceptualising the space of the ballroom of Schaubühne Lindenfels. Thansk to Alex Brade and Ricaletto for being our wonderful graphical wizards. And: grazie to all people supervising our exhibition MEMORY AS A FLICKER – you did a really nice job (and you were friendly). Thanks to our sponsors, giving us the money much needed. And finally, thanks to ourselves, for doing it again (and again). All for now – sorry to anyone who we have forgotten. No offense, really. Well then, see you next year in April!

Zwischendurch werden wir euch immer wieder mit kleineren Updates versorgen. Einerseits wollen wir euch Empfehlungen aussprechen. Zum Anderen gibt es vielleicht die ein oder andere kleinere GEGENkino Veranstaltung zwischendurch. Beispielsweise ist eine Verlängerung der Bitomsky Reihe in ein paar Monaten angedacht. Falls ihr auf dem Laufenden bleiben wollt, kuckt immer wieder bei uns vorbei!

Wer jetzt keine Lust auf das gute Wetter und immer noch nicht genug von Kino hat. Hier ein paar Empfehlungen für die kommenden Tage:

In the meantime, we will provide you with smaller updates. We want to make you recommendations. And perhaps there will be smaller GEGENkino events in between. For example in a few months there is an extension of the Bitomsky series is planned. If you want to stay up to date, keep on watching us pass us by!

If you are still not filled up with cinema. Here are a few recommendations for the coming days:

24. April
Horror-Double with Donis
08 PM Das Auge des Bösen
10 PM L’Ossessa
29. April
Schaubühne Lindenfels
always Monday 7 PM
Updates via mailing list
1. Mai
07 PM Der junge Mönch
09 PM Das Gespenst
2. Mai

09 PM One Cut of the Dead
8. Mai
Ballet Mécanique Vol. 6 (#31)
Supporting Film +
Lohnbuchhalter Kremke
16. Mai
Cinémathèque Leipzig e.V.
RosaLinde Leipzig e.V. presents
Documentary about Idahit* 2019