GEGENkino & NO NO NO! present | Cinema of Transgression

04. April, 10 pm (Screening, 16mm/digital) / afterwards Party UT Connewitz  

In the 1980s, New York’s East Village brings together artists who radically revolt: against the good taste, against the saturated art scene, against an avant-garde cinema that has made itself comfortable. The cinematic results of this protest dominate sex, blood, open wounds, disfigured bodies, senseless violence, blasphemy and desecration, as well as humorous attacks on the bourgeois welfare. We show a selection of authoritative Cinema of Transgression short films as well as violations and transgressions from earlier phases of American experimental film.

10 pm: SCREENINGS / digital & 16 mm

Fireworks (1948 R: Kenneth Anger, 14’)
The Yellow Sequence (1963-65 R: Jack Smith, 15’)
Hot Air Specialist (1970 R: Jack Smith, 7’)
Stray Dogs (1985 R: Richard Kern, 10’)
Submit to me (1986 R: Richard Kern, 10’)
x is y (1990 R: Richard Kern, 3’)
War is Menstual Envy (excerpt) (1992 R: Nick Zedd, 13’)
Thrust in me (1985 R: Nick Zedd/Richard Kern, 8’)

Afterwards: PARTY
NO NO NO! / for bouys and gerhls and criminal queers
Indietronics / Gitarre / Elektro-Pop / Queercore

Claire / Conne Island, Leipzig
Zacker, NO NO NO!
Timo / Barbie Deinhoff‘s, Berlin