Fort Buchanan (FR/TN 2014, Benjamin Crotty) / Desire Will Set You Free (GER 2015, Yony Leyser)

A jolly 1st of May everybody!

And also: the end is near! Today’s the last day of GEGENkino 2016.

What could be better after a long, hard Day of Labour than watching a film, where all dialogue’s comprised of quotes from US American TV shows and soap operas and seeing Peaches, Rummelsnuff, Blixa Bargeld, Nina Hagen and Wolfgang Müller in the same film afterwards?! Exactly…!

Fort Buchanan

FR/TN 2014, D: Benjamin Crotty, A: Andy Gillet, Iliana Zabeth, David Baiot, Mati Diop, 65’, OV with English subtitles, DCP

In Benjamin Crotty’s debut feature, the eponymous »Fort Buchanan« is located in the French countryside and actually, it’s more a queer rural commune than a military base. Although, most of the inhabitants have husbands still in the active service. Like Roger, whose significant other Frank is in Africa and whose mutual daughter Roxy likewise is dreaming of a future in the army. Apropos of nothing, her juvenile sexuality awakens, a fact that the polyamorous fort notices with joy. Father No. 1 is tormented by solitude and fidelity, which is why the community summarily decides to fly to Djibouti to visit father No. 2. But after 18 years of marriage, passion and desire refuse to really arise, even hot pants and a new haircut cannot help that. What a virtuoso film! So full of sensuality: the colours, the bodies, the light, the coarseness of the 16mm material. Along with it, a mixture of country tunes, classical music and electro party sounds. A hybrid full of artificiality, confusing cuts, and dialogues that are all taken from US soap operas and which in French appear as completely bizarre! Down with expectations! A cheer for fine humour! Here’s Queer Cinema at its best!

1 May, 8 pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels

€ 6,5/5,5 (red.) / € 9/8 (red.) as a combined ticket with Desire Will Set You Free

Desire Will Set You Free

GER 2015, D: Yony Leyser, A: Yony Leyser, Tim Fabian Hoffmann, Chloe Griffin, 92’, OV with German subtitles, BluRay

Ezra, an US-American writer, comes to Berlin. Because of David Bowie. He spends his days clubbing, taking drugs, having pseudo-philosophical conversations and wanting to be more punk, whilst wishing he wrote more. Most of his time is spent with his dark and witty friend Catharine, who has an unsettling fetish for Nazi paraphernalia. At a bar, he meets Sasha, a Russian immigrant working as an escort. Both of them are drifting through the queer subculture and the excessive underground of the city, doing their job or seeking for life, love, sex and ecstasy. With its many playgrounds for marginalised cultures, the city of Berlin becomes the main character of the film. Filmed on real locations, many people play themselves, featuring among others Peaches, Rummelsnuff, Blixa Bargeld, Blood Orange, Nina Hagen and Wolfgang Müller.

1 May, 9.30 pm – Schaubühne Lindenfels

€ 6,5/5,5 (red.) / € 9/8 (red.) as a combined ticket with Fort Buchanan