GULYABANİ (NL/TR 2018 Gürcan Keltek)

NL/TR 2018, R/D: Gürcan Keltek, Dok/Doc 35’, OmeU/OV with English subtitles, DCP

Gulyabani. A creature with supernatural abilities in Turkish mythology. A Djinn. A Ghoul. A little girl from Izmir is taken for it. She can see dead people. And cold hearts. Locked up by her own family, she is misused as a fortuneteller, medium and talisman. After the 1980 coup, fascist paramilitaries abduct her for similar intentions and retain her in a mine. Following his lyrical documentary work METEORS, filmmaker Gürcan Keltek starts another both acoustically and visually intriguing journey based on diaries and reports of a relative. In it, biography and history, superstition and state terror, the cosmic and the earthly are associatively blended. Lucid periods and dark terrains take turns. Abruptly, we enter the world of ghosts, get lost in fleeting memory pictures which have lain in silver for too long, faded by deprivation of light, having become porous by countless years of life, covered with stories and scarred by mental wounds.

Thu 11. April 8 PM – UT Connewitz – € 6,5 (5,5 red.)