Jozef van Wissem live score to „L’Âge d’Or“

At the same time, van Wissem’s instrument is antique as well as extraordinary: a 24-string lute. His minmalist style of playing the baroque gadget is based on repetitive composition techniques and cyclical melodies, overlays and coloration. The result seems as if it has dropped out of time peculiarly, oscillating between genres: not baroque or industrial music, neither New Music nor improvisation. Yet still everything together. Enormously deep!

L’Âge d’Or (F 1930, D: Luis Buñuel, 63’, french OV, 35mm) 

As a German premiere, van Wissem accompanies “L’Âge d’Or”, an explosive succession of rebelling pictures. Buñuel’s surreal gaffs are kept together by an “amour fou”, the story of a love that falls flat because of bourgeois activities. Everything culminates in a crucifix adorned with scalps of murdered girls – Jesus as an initiator of sadist orgies.

“It was very much a turmoil with bombs, police, fist fighting. […] I was sitting in a loge seat on the balcony, next to me was an elder gentleman. On the screen, there was something anti-clerical or anti-royalist, someone had thrown a bomb against the screen. The old man beside me leaped up and clobbered me! I haven’t got any clue why! There was a real battle going on in the hall. Then they tried to storm the projection room to get hold of the film, but it was closed and they weren’t able to break the iron door. So they demolished the lobby. It was a shame actually. […] At the entrance, there were hanging a number of pictures by Picasso, Man Ray and Picabia, which were simply torn to pieces. The police needed an hour to clear the place of disturbers.” (Hans Richter about the world premiere of “L’Âge d’Or“)

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