Stories of the Dumpster Kid (BRD 1971 Ula Stöckl, Edgar Reitz)

FRG 1971, D: Ula Stöckl, Edgar Reitz, A: Kristine de Loup, Bruno Bendel, Alf Brustellin, 22 episodes, total length: 220′, OV with English subtitles, digital

The dumpster kid – in Viennese snide humour the expression for afterbirth and the throw-outs and rejects of civilisation – grows up in a garbage can and is now to be integrated into civil society. At least this is the plan, whose failing is told in 22 episodes. The dumpster kid is frivolous, hedonistic, dirty and far to curious, it fucks, seduces and signalises this danger for the well-ordered surroundings already in its appearance: red shoes, red socks and a red dress. The dumpster kid goes to school and to church, it travels through time and leaves reality behind, meets Al Capone, transforms into a vampire and burns at the stake. But even the thousands of deaths it is threatened with will not ensure its readiness to assimilate.
It is only tonight that Pracht becomes a cinema pub, the dumpster kid cinema. Guests can choose single episodes from the menu card.

11 April, 10:30 pm – Pracht (Wurzener Straße 17, 04315) – Free entrance