Long Day’s Journey into Night (CHN 2018, Bi Gan)

CHN 2018, Director: BI Gan, Monteur: QIN Yanan, Directors of Photography: YAO Hung-I, DONG Jinsong, David CHIZALLET, Actors: TANG Wei, HUANG Jue, SYLVIA Chang L, LEE Hong-Chi, DCP, 140′

LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT is Chinese director Bi Gan’s second fulllength feature. In the form of a neo-noir film, it tells of a man’s return to his hometown and his quest to find a woman he once loved. He is surrounded by different layers of things past that do not let him go. He passes through areas of back then, pursues traces, finds leads. Still, the approach stays no more than an appealing illusion. Stories and images drift, become more and more dreamlike, mingling with flashbacks of past love’s stylised memories. The present can no longer be detached from the unconscious. As protagonist Luo walks into a dim cinema, things take an unexpected turn. A film starts, he puts on his 3D glasses. He watches a screening of “Long Day’s Journey into Night”. Simultaneously, the audience’s sight switches into the third dimension, too: the last scene is a seventy minute one take. The elegant camera follows Lou underground, on top of a mountain, down a ropeway. Charmingly, we lift off with him and land in surreal surroundings. There, we follow movements through alleys and houses to end up in a spinning room.

14 April, 9:30 pm – Luru Kino at the Spinnerei – € 7,5 (6,5 red.)