Alec Empire | My Talk with Florence

GEGENkino presents

»My Talk with Florence« w/ live score by Alec Empire

AUT 2015, 129 min, German w/ English subtitles, directed by: Paul Poet

14th January 2016, 8pm – UT Connewitz
(the director will be present)

An interview film as a live concert. Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot, Producer for Björk, Nine Inch Nails et al.), Berlin’s godfather of intelligent electronica music, beat activist and punk-floor pioneer, will peform a live score for the brand new cinematic work by Paul Poet (Ausländer raus! Schlingensief’s Container, EMPIRE ME)—one of the leading Austrian directors for provocative political films—in the style of Empire’s early solo works for Mille Plateaux label. Heart-rending in the echo chamber!
Raw, direct, shocking. In the interview film »My Talk with Florence« Florence Burnier-Bauer talks, starting with her childhood, about the dramatic life she led in the beginning of the 80s in Otto Mühl’s commune in Friedrichshof/Burgenland. What she found there, instead of physical and mental relief, were authoritarian, fascist hierarchies, abuse, harrassment and violence. Director Paul Poet allows Florence full bent on her memories, when she re-invokes the ghosts of her past in search for catharsis. Cinematically, truly in the tradition of cinéma verité the film offers an unrelenting insight and tells the story of Florence’s emancipation and her hard and strugglesome path to »saying no« in a purist way

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