Africa is not a country: Run (CIV/F 2014, Philippe Lacôte)

Hence, at this year’s GEGENkino we want to show the great diversity of contemporary African cinema in our section AFRICAN OUTLINES.

Today, 9pm at Luru-Kino we will screen the film »Run« – director Philippe Lacôte’s unique take on the First Ivorian Civil War (2002–2007) – with Djinda Kane, Abdoul Karim Konaté and Isaach de Bankolé the last of which you probably remember from several of Jim Jarmusch’s and Claire Denis’s movies. We’re glad to have Diana Ayeh & Natascha Bing of AG Postkolonial Leipzig coming to the screening in order to give an introduction to the movie and some insights into the historical context and the postcolonial concerns of the film.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Your GEGENkino crew


(CIV/F 2014, D: Philippe Lacôte, A: Abdoul Karim Konaté, Isaach de Bankolé, Djinda Kane, OV with English subtitles, 102’, DCP)

Introduction by Diana Ayeh & Natascha Bing (AG Postkolonial Leipzig)

Somnambulistically, a young man walks towards the Prime Minister during church service and kills him, while all the others present are sitting on their places silently and disinterestedly. Afterwards, he escapes—from his pursuers, from himself, from his dreams, and memories. Initially, it remains unclear if this is also a run for freedom. Full of twists and turns like his eponymous protagonist’s escape, Run tells its story in front of the backdrop of the Ivory Coast’s civil war, whom 3,000 people fell victim to during the years 2002 to 2007. Director Philippe Lacôte merges narrative elements of African mythology and nature mysticism with the real context of the crisis. His masterful plot reveals the biography of a freedom fighter who wanted to be a rainmaker at first, then led the life of tramp being assistant to the fair curiosity and professional contest eater Gladys before finally hooking up with the patriotic youth and commencing underground combat.

26 April, 9 pm – Luru-Kino at the Spinnerei – € 6,5/5,5 (red.)