Interview: Wang Bing – Film Comment

Interview: Wang Bing – Film Comment

Thanks a ton, all of you, for coming to our exhibition, discussion and screenings on the weekend at Schaubühne Lindenfels. We feel really honoured to have such a wonderful audience… seriously!

So, tonight we’ll hopefully see each other again at UT Connewitz for Wang bing’s recent film TA’ANG.

(HK/F 2016, Doc, D: Wang Bing, OV/English subtitles, 142’)

10 April, 8pm – UT Connewitz

Here’s a small interview with Wang Bing to get yourselves an idea of his way of working.

“[T]he documentary form is the most viable way for me to make movies in China. By following people’s everyday life, I don’t have to look for actors and direct them, I don’t have to ask a lot of people to work together for me, and I don’t have to ask permission to anybody. The ways in which the Chinese film industry limits filmmakers become invalid for me, if I shoot inexpensive movies about the real life of the people with a small crew. That’s why I keep on making documentaries: I like genuine stories, and I like to feel free.” (Wang Bing)