There’s only a few unreserved seats left for the 10:30pm performance of COLOR FIELD IMMERSION. If you need some more reasons to come over tonight, check that RadioBlau teaser—thanks again to Melanie Albrecht for this one!— or, alternatively, Doron Sadja’s bandcamp page.

See you soon!


Light and sound performance by Doron Sadja

The attempt to make the cinematic experience more direct, immersive and intense for the audience had to its last grand manifestation in the revival of 3D cinema. Whether it really succeeded in heaving cinematic experience and perception to a new level can be doubted, especially in cases where technology remains merely gimmick rather than becoming an artistic instrument. In his very diverse works, US media artist and ambient musician Doron Sadja is consistently looking for new ways of sounding out the audience’s experiences on auditive and visual levels and thus, making hidden realms of sensual perception accessible to them. At it, experiments of perception and technological set ups from the history of science are often his starting points. For COLOR FIELD IMMERSION, Sadja has addressed the so-called “Ganzfeld experiments” of the 1970s. In these tests, the eyes of the participants were blindfolded with translucent materials and coloured light projected onto them. By this continuous sensual deprivation on the part of the participants, some people were hoping to activate clairvoyant and telepathic capabilities. Without adhering to these parascientific ambitions, Sadja took the test situation and developed his COLOR FIELD IMMERSION performance from it. Along with a matching electronic multi-channel soundtrack in the style of Sadjas “Breath Heart Skin” album the cinema screen will be moved to only a few centimeters before the retina, so that Sadja’s visual compositions will hit every single spectator differently depending on spacial position and current frame of mind. A parakinematographic situation, in which there run just as many films as there are pairs of eyes.

People with photosensitive epilepsy be adverted that there will be intensive light stimuli during this event.

13 April, 9pm & 10:30pm – UT Connewitz – € 12 (10 red.)