Touchy @ Reich&Schoen Festival

…and here’s another hot hot hot announcement:

the artist formerly known as Touchy Mob and nowadays as simply Touchy will come to our cool’n’cozy cinema at this year’s Reich&Schoen Festival to do a half-improvised, half-scripted live score for one not-to-be revealed-beforehand experimental film. So, you’re in (not only for one) but for two surprises!

What sort of sounds and feels will Touchy create this time? And: what movie will it be that he will score? Hint: It’s a film with a lot of water in it. (Just the right thing maybe for these sunny days.)

Touchy will be the closing act of our official cinema programme and make for the transition into Friday night’s party programme.

10 July, 7pm: Reich&Schoen Festival

More information about the festival can be found over at: or